Saturday, November 7, 2009

Still in the Game: Parades and the Elysian Park Totem Pole

Not unlike Keith Sweat. Yes. It's been a long time. Apparently I'm not cut out for blogging on a regular basis. Too bad.

Today was a day of random, pleasant surprises.

It started out with a gluttonous breakfast at Pete's Cafe. Thank you to Elvis for being the inspiration: French toast with peanut butter, bananas, topped with chocolate chips and served with a side of strawberry jam. Yummers!

That was going to settle slow, so it was time to take a walk and check out some buildings downtown. We were sidetracked by a Panamanian Independence Day parade. Fun!

Destination 1: The Bradbury Building

Destination 2: Elysian Park. While looking at this eyesore of public art, we spotted a totem pole on a hill in the distance. Well, it looked like a totem pole. Exploration time!


We knew we were in the right place with this sign marker:

No joke totem!

A closeup of the materials.

Apparently, it had just been installed this morning and we had coincidentally arrived during the opening. This party spread went beyond just cheese and crackers. Who wants to hold an apple when you can just eat one strung from a tree?

There were 2 other pieces which had been there a year or so. I think one of the more interesting parts was being surprised by a dude who just seemed to come up from a well vegetated ravine. It looked like he was part of it. Not, like, covered in leaves and camo, but just, well, part of the landscape.

The whole thing was awesome. I really felt like I'd stepped into another world. I'm happy to know that artsy kids really do produce art. I just hope the totem stays for a while...

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